Happy Weekend!

Hi Friends! How are you? How was your (short) week? It’s official. Summer’s over. Labor Day has come and gone and now we are staring squarely at September and fall. I’m not sure why, but I have had a lot of thoughts about food, cooking and entertaining on my mind. Maybe it’s because we are hosting our dinner club this month!  So here is a food-themed post to get your weekend started! Happy Friday!

One of my favorite Top Chef’s just released a cookbook – The Busy Mom’s Cookbook

Some sound feeding advice from the Honest Toddler. LOL! He cracks me up!

An adorable book about vegetables.

This Market Backpack would be perfect for a fall picnic!

Boxed wine via your purse? That’s crazy!

Is organic food better for you? Based on this report, it might not be…?

The best grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup!

Speaking of soup… these cans, available at Target, were designed to honor Andy Warhol.

Have a great day and a pretty morning!


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